The first of many

The first of many
I started my endeavour choosing where to write this masterpiece: my first ever blog post. I decided the couch, with a wine (I had to ensure consistent conditions could be met - for quality control).
This blog stands as the official, unfiltered beginning to my success.
Or failure. But... that’s unlikely.
Anyway the reason I began this blog is because after recently returning from Auckland, I decided I achieved inner-peace.
It happened right after the dark before the dawn. All because I drank wine with an anti-histamine. LITERALLY A DOUBLE-EDGED-SWORD (both ends) and I’ve never been worse off in my life or more vulnerable. Whatever. I’ve let it go. I have inner-peace now. BUT that was the moment it all changed. I couldn’t tell you why. The world was different. Perhaps it was because I had a new glasses prescription and saw everything in a new light (and actually SAW things) - regardless, everything was okay. New Stacy had arrived. Game on. It was as if I’d had a mid-life crisis. But instead of being a depleted fifty-seven-year-old with a cat, I was twenty-four and five pounds lighter. And it was all thanks to the devastating effects of accidentally mixing a couple glasses of wine with one tiny anti-histamine. I felt on top of the world the remainder of my trip and decided I was enough and all I ever needed to be happy. Ready to marry myself and have the perfect honeymoon - As Long As You Both Shall Live.
Pre-inner-peace Stacy wouldn’t have set foot on a hiking track, but New Stacy is all about embracing holy spaces. Yoga studios, spin classes, the organic GMO-free vegetable section at the Supermarket… you know the kind. My balance in hot yoga class is getting so solid I can almost finish a class without collapsing. It’s major. I am now forever trying to turn my muffin-top into a beautiful gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, carb-free scone.
I will attempt to share the flaws I have - granted there’s not many - while I unintentionally insult half of you reading. This will be an unfiltered double-edged-sword. No doubt the entire time presenting you with MAJOR humour and life lessons (but in a wildly fun way - not parental).
I should probably mention I’m going to attempt to provide some substance to what I write. No promises.
I know many bloggers clamourr on about how their boyfriends bought them a new necklace or purse... (we get it) HOWEVER, the main man in MY life (my father) declared my neck shall remain bare until I’ve forged out a successful career. So here we are. The time has come for a successful career.
This blog is for those forging their own path. Who can’t do basic math to save themselves and where independence, self-love and work comes first.
Then lunch.
Chat soon,
S x