Is Natural skincare worth the hype?

Is Natural skincare worth the hype?

Oct 16, 2020 — Stacy Heyman

Your skin has a natural barrier created from your body’s own oil production, combined with sweat to create the ‘acid mantle’, which is basically designed to keep the bad things out and the good stuff in. The majority of cleansers will strip your skin of this layer (the acid mantle), causing it to react and overproduce oil - leading to breakouts and also allowing environmental pollutants to wreak havoc.
Bondi Sands GLO

The ultimate GLO with Bondi Sands 🌟Review #bondisandsglolights

Oct 08, 2019 — Stacy Heyman

My fav tanning brand @bondisands is now helping me out in the make-up department! Their new GLO Lights creamy highlighters give you the ultimate GLO and are super easy to apply ✨ I chose shade Gold for a subtle glow on the face, collar bones and shoulders.