In bed with Boki & Stacy and Koala Mattress Review

In bed with Boki & Stacy and Koala Mattress Review

In bed with Boki & Stacy



Since showcasing bits and pieces of our half-completed, yet newly renovated home, I’ve been asked what our bedroom looks like. Now, firstly I just want to say; the house, the bedroom - it all looked A LOT CUTER, PB (pre-Boki). Since then we’ve scaled right back on the fluffy cushions, the thick knotted blankets, the cute throws, and if I’m honest, our cowhide rug (and carpet in general) has seen better days.



I’m one of those people who absolutely lives for the minute they get home. I get changed, and eventually; get into bed. As long as I can remember, my bedroom has always been a sanctuary. I used to have the perfect nighttime routine down pat; get into bed around 8pm, light some scented candles, then read a book until I fell asleep. I might’ve even played some rain noise if it’d been a long day. Why? Because I’m a millennial.



These days, and especially with Boki around, our schedule is more like this: from 8pm we watch Blacklist on Netflix, RuPaul’s Drag Race if it’s a Friday. We put her to bed once she’s fallen asleep in the lounge (and we know she’ll stay asleep!) around 10:30pm, then we hit the sack. Not only does this mean we get less sleep to start with, but we’re up throughout the night just listening to her claws accidentally scratch the door. Or - worst case scenario - one of us has to do the unthinkable: get out of bed at 4am to take her outside for an early morning ‘go-time’.



Adam and I decided we needed to devote more time and energy towards making our bedroom a ‘sanctuary’ again, a space we enjoy retreating to at the end of the day, where Boki will also enjoy spending time with us. This meant clearing everything off the floor, ensuring only non-edible sized decor was left on the bedside tables, and a new, pee-free mattress.



Aside from the fact our original mattress was permanently fragranced eau de toilette a la Boki, we decided we needed specifically a Koala mattress. I can hear your thoughts already. Why support an Australian brand over a Kiwi brand? First of all, let me start with the Koala vs. Kiwi.


In Australia, for every mattress bought, Koala adopts a real life Koala through WWF (World Wildlife Fund). In New Zealand, they adopt a real life Kiwi with every purchase, through WWF. The adoption helps fund rescue operations and treatment for sick or injured Kiwis. If that’s not supporting and respecting us New Zealanders, I’m not sure what is! You guys know I’m a sucker for animal rights, so for me this really felt like the right choice. If I can buy something and subsequently save an animal, you can bet your bottom dollar I AM ONBOARD SAILOR! Plus - they offer 120 Day money back guarantee. You really aren’t even taking a risk with this one.



I’m the kind of person who reviews and reads everything before buying; research soothes me. There was an overwhelmingly high percentage of five star reviews, actually making it the highest reviewed mattress in New Zealand. The Zero Partner Disturbance was a big bonus for me, meaning the foam absorbs any impact which results in an undisturbed sleep even if your partner tosses, and turns - which we both do AB (after Boki). Plus, the mattresses are made in Australia, come with a 10 year warranty and ship within 4 hours. At $1150 NZD total I dare you to find a better quality, better priced, more sustainably built, comfortable mattress - oh and one that contributes to increasing our native wildlife population. LOL, good luck hon.

Koala mattress: 1 Old mattress: 0


Once we had our mattress, Adam and I spent a bit of time hanging a couple of his paintings and moving a chair from the lounge into the bedroom. I’m all about having a reading chair (which always ends up being THAT chair with a million clothes on it), somewhere to sit and read or, in my case another space to sit and write.



Because our bedroom is so small, it really is hard to do much with. I think our next steps will be getting a headboard, and some prints for our walls. Before this blog, we’d had it painted over the Christmas break, (it used to be a yellow ‘gin fizz’ shade, with brown skirting boards and woodwork) and is now alabaster white. Our bedroom also used to have floral curtains, where we now have blinds. We have put a lot of decorating dreams on hold as our renovations continue, because we really don’t know which walls are moving where, and as much as we’d like to just chip away at each little nook and cranny, it seems disorganised to spend a couple thousand here and a few thousand there only to potentially rip it all out and start over.



If you’re currently doing the same; whether it’s redecorating or a major overhaul, my best tip is to zero in on the specifics of your space. Start a pinboard. Pin everything you love and pull inspiration from all over the world - look at colours, textures, shapes of furniture and materials. Imagine if you tore a wall down, or built one wall would that solve everything? Would painting the room white be enough to give it a fresh feel?


At the moment and where we’re at now in our lives, we love our home, our bedroom, it’s once again our sanctuary. I can’t wait to have everything set up perfectly one day. But for now, hopefully we can finally catch up on some much needed rest, and maybe read a book or two while we’re at it.


Chat soon,


S x