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"I hired Stacy, who, while being relatively junior, proved to be a terrific asset to our business." ​
- Phillip Andrews, Assignment Group
"Stacy exceeded expectations across all platforms and consistently delivered outstanding results coupled with her high attention to detail, enthusiasm, emotional intelligence and total professionalism. " ​
- Fiona Quin-Williams
"Stacy has a natural understanding of social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook. Her passion and experience on these platforms helped us produce campaigns that successfully accessed influencers and opened up new audiences." ​
- Dan Moth, Senior Copywriter
"Stacy also had an understanding of how to tease an audience and create a buzz around a product launch or discontinued product lines." ​
- Sara Quilter, Tailor Skin
"Stacy is a pleasure to work with, always has a positive attitude and fantastic ideas" ​
- Jordan, New Order